Basic trading to My own Strategy​

​Education Business 

1. Overview

This is a time when you can't live on a salary alone.​


The importance of financial education increasing day by day. but education has yet to be established in Korea. We will solve this.​

The best financial investment education that can be heard from the

best instructor in Korea, Which has a high profit in the field, will find​ you.

2. Course

Meet a systematic curriculum from basic to strategy.

Meet a variety of subjects organized by experts in each field.

There are well - designed lectures from theory to practice​

In addition,  existing TOAPBOGI shared office tenants and VIP membership subscribers will receive additional benefits during course.​



  • Actual Financial Chart Analysis

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange API Trading Practice

  • Financial System Trading Practice using Quant​

  • TradingView (FineEditor) System Trading Education​

  • Plan to open additional courses on traditional stock markets​

Education Overall

Period : 3 Month (Twice a week / 8 times a week / 24 times total)

Price : 3.6 M KRW (Shared office tenants 3 M KRW)

Personnel : 30 person per class * 10 class / 1 year


  • Support for human network configuration by class

  • Issuing certificate based on grade

  • Apply curriculum that suits educational characteristics.

3. Characteristic

Financial education unseen anywhere in Korea

You can hear the lectures of professional teachers with excellent skills in their area in the best educational environment.

We plan to give grades based on educational achievement​ and give them extra points if they wish to get a job at a financial institution.



Best Environment

Support Textbook

Issue Diploma

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주소 : 서울특별시 서초구 서운로 13, 중앙로얄오피스텔 703호

사업자등록번호 : 731-81-01188  |  통신판매업신고번호 : 제 2020-서울서초-2660 호

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