Vision and Future of our company.


1. Vision

We lead innovation in financial ecosystem.

​We want to change traditional finance market.Where complaints and improvements felt by existing user actually realized. It's TOPABOGI.

Investors and traders, students and mentors. Where everyone in our ecosystem meets online and offline at same time. It's TOPABOGI.

Where 5M  of traders participate in the stock market and 1M traders participate in the emerging cryptocurrency market. It's TOPABOGI.

A place that touches more than finance through our own content for higher profits and a better future for ecosystem users. It's TOPABOGI.

Our story same with finance innovation story of korea.

We are doing our best to innovate financial ecosystem and satisfy our customers. Stay tuned until we reach our goal.

2. Roadmap

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주소 : 서울특별시 서초구 서운로 13, 중앙로얄오피스텔 703호

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