Specialized Office for Traders​

​Shared Office Business 

1. Overview

2. Service

Our TOPABOGI shared office will be a place for traders.

Solve problems when you trade alone, and get more accurate information than online in TOPABOGI shared office now.

TOPABOGI shared office is specialized for traders and fellow workers, so you can implement the ideal environment you want.

공유오피스에 더

​관심 있으신가요?

Only focus on trading. ​We'll do the rest.


If you choose to live a full-time investor's life​. having a professional environment is a must, not an option. but. if you try to set up your own office, it takes a lot of hands and high price.

Our shared office allows tenants to focus on trading without worrying about anything else. Leave the rest to us.​





Work Space


24·7 Open




Meeting Room

Phone Booth

* 실제 제공품은 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.

3. Security Facility

Protect your asset with a powerful access control system


Trader shared office ​requires special care to protect personal assets such as trading equipment, system trading software and document.

Our shared office will provide complete security services for tenants using biometircs, video security and mobile pass.​

​* Plan of Security System for Shared Office

4. Discrimination

We provide best service ever.​

Our shared office provides differentiated services improving disadvantages and unreasonable policies of previous shared office.

​* This offer subjected to change.

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